HFT Blazing Summer

Fact: Its going to be a hot summer in the UK this year

Fact: You should make the most of it every single day 

Fact: You should Love yourself, Love your friends, Love your dearest and most of all #LoveyourSummer 

How will you enjoy your's?
Why not try do it all?

A BBQ at home or on the beach filling everyone's bellies with some lovely smoked meat and vegetable (yes vegetables). While the wives relax in the rented hot tub or go for a swim in the sea.

 A fire pit or chimera blazing into the night as you sit around after a fun filled summers day, enjoying the days memories over a chilled beer, the cool evening air cooling off your sun dried skin.

Home fuel timbers summer  BBQ supplies.

HFT Blazing 'Love your summer'.